Llevar con orgullo el nombre de ESIC por Finlandia

Con motivo del programa Erasmus+ de movilidad de profesorado, he tenido la ocasión de ser embajador internacional de ESIC y de llevar con orgullo el nombre de nuestra institución más allá de nuestras fronteras.

Tareas como las de compartir experiencias representando a la Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finlandia), siendo partícipe de una semana internacional en la que se llevaron a cabo multitud de charlas educativas, supusieron para mí un gran honor y, por otra parte, una gran responsabilidad. En este sentido he de decir que los estudiantes finlandeses, se llevaron una idea muy buena en torno a nuestra Escuela; estoy seguro que mi humilde papel conseguirá atraer a estudiantado, profesorado y personal administrativo a nuestra institución.

Studying or working abroad

Everyone in the city knows who he is. He is a free spirit. He is 20 and 1,75m and is already managing the party here in the city.  Santi is from Valencia, Spain and has been at Lexis Byron Bay for 20 weeks, studying in the FCE and CAE classes. Fortunately for him, he passed both levels.

Santi decided to study in Australia so that he could improve his English. He wanted to travel to a place far from home with good weather, beaches and surf. He has always wanted to visit Australia, so studying here was a natural choice!



Spending a year studying in a foreign country can be seen by students either as a nightmare or as a dream. Plenty of attractive destinations await bold students, from small towns in the middle of nowhere to the largest metropolis in Europe. The students that are willing to leave their hometown have to be fully ready to face problems unknown in their comfort zone. On the one hand it is highly likely that most of this difficulties are related to adult life problems such as sharing a flat with people that they simply don’t get along with. But on the other hand there is the added challenges of living in a different country where other language is spoken and being exposed to a culture shock. Through this article, we will identify the main reasons why many students do not go on Erasmus placements but also how their lives will be enriched by the experience if they do go.


Conference about how to do businesses in Chile

Last Friday, 27th October 2017 the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón held an event that had as objective to explain how to do businesses in the Latin American country of Chile, giving an economic and commercial outlook of one of the most productive and open economies of Latin America.

The conference was hold in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Chile, specifically with Carlos Robles Fraga who is the Spanish Ambassador since May 2014 in this Latin American country, and with the sponsorship of Banco de Santander, that was represented by Adrián Argilés Martínez.

Firstly, Leopoldo Monfort, vicepresident of the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón, explained some data about how Chile is related to Spain in business terms. As he explicated, Chilean imports from European Union have increased in last years, but the ones that has done it the most are from Spain with an increase of a twenty four percent since 2014. However, the forecasts explain that the rise of our exports to the Latin American country will continue as this country has great opportunities for Spanish companies.