Everyone in the city knows who he is. He is a free spirit. He is 20 and 1,75m and is already managing the party here in the city.  Santi is from Valencia, Spain and has been at Lexis Byron Bay for 20 weeks, studying in the FCE and CAE classes. Fortunately for him, he passed both levels.

Santi decided to study in Australia so that he could improve his English. He wanted to travel to a place far from home with good weather, beaches and surf. He has always wanted to visit Australia, so studying here was a natural choice!

When he first arrived in Australia, Santi spent the first month in Sydney before coming to Byron Bay. While he did really like Sydney, he preferred living in Byron Bay as he enjoys the relaxed traveler’s lifestyle here. It is an easy town to get to know, while still having many special places to discover and explore.

There are many things about Byron Bay that Santi believes makes this place so special. His favorite things are the beautiful beaches, feeling like you are living in nature all the time, and the good friends he has made there.

During his time there, Santi has held a job for 4 months working in a pizza place in the nearby town of Brunswick Heads. He felt that he was able to find a good balance with working after finishing school each day and that the work environment and his colleagues really helped him improve his English.

He did not have a motorbike in his first month at the pizza place and used to work at night. He finished the working day very late, and had to go back home without any public transport. However, he did not have to walk even one single day because he always hitch-hiked.

After finishing the working day, he used to cook two pizzas, one for him, and one for whoever picked him up. He ended up meeting 30 different local people through hitch-hiking. After this, the staff in the restaurant and Santi himself ended up naming the idea ‘The Philosophy Pizza’.

Santi recommends studying at Lexis Byron Bay, whether it is for just one month or for a whole year. He thinks the staff are great and says that the teachers are helpful, listen to the students and are very good at helping you to improve your English. When Santi first arrived in Australia, he had a difficult time understanding the Australian accent. Now, he feels that he has developed his English to an almost fluent level that he is very happy with.

After first studying FCE and then moving up to CAE, Santi has found classes to improve his English in all areas. While the exam format of these classes are similar, he found that CAE is at a more advanced level which has enabled him to expand his skills in speaking, grammar and vocabulary. In both classes, he has enjoyed the learning environment and said the teachers were fantastic. 

Santi believes Byron Bay is such a unique place even compared to other places in Australia. There is always something happening in town, from the variety of live music to the great waves and good surf at the beaches. The feeling Santi gets from Byron Bay is very special, including from all the nice people both living here and travelling through.

After Santi completes his studies at Lexis Byron Bay in two weeks’ time, he will travel to Sydney for two days before flying to Bali to meet up with some other Lexis friends there. When he returns to Spain, he plans to study International Business at University. For this he believes his level of English will be very helpful in the future.

Why Australia

Santi chose Australia primarily to improve his English. In Australia, there are lots of people from all over the world, as well as maintaining a local feel.  Moreover, Santi loves surfing, which was an incentive for him. The surroundings and landscapes of Australia also attracted Santi.

As we have seen in his experience with hitch-hiking, he loved the people there.  The welfare state levels there are high, and no one has any problem helping you. Santi is a foodie, and food in Australia is spectacularly diverse.

Finally, he recommends it because it is easy to work there, even though conditions were difficult at the beginning.

studying or work abroad

Santi today

For him, it has been a vital experience which has allowed him to meet hundreds of people. Thanks to Australia, he has made friends all over the world. This summer he has been in Brazil working in a surf company but mostly visiting all the friends he has there. They invited him to several parties and he had everything he needed in there. Today, he is in contact with most of the people he met there in Australia.

Australia gave him an intercultural vision of the globe. Apart from friends, he has met people in the labor market. The experience pushed him to work in Spain and just after coming back he started working for the company that sent him there (Go Study Australia).